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Mar 10, 2007

Kamus Gaul Chatting ( A - Z )

224 -- "today, tomorrow, forever"
2B -- "to be"
2B||!2B -- "to be or not to be"
2TM -- "to the max"
4 -- "for"
4ever -- "forever"

ACK -- "acknowledged"
AFAIC -- "as far as I'm concerned", or "as far as I care", or "as far as I can..."
AFAICS -- "as far as I can see"
AFAICT -- "as far as I can tell"
AFAIK -- "as far as I know"
AFAIR -- "as far as I recall", or "as far as I remember"
AFC -- "away from computer"
AFK -- "away from keyboard"
AICMFP -- "and I claim my five pounds"
AIUI -- "as I understand it"
AKA -- "also known as"
ASAP -- "as soon as possible"
ASL -- "age, sex, location"
ATM -- "at the moment"

B2B -- "business to business"
B4 -- "before"
B4N -- "bye for now"
BBL -- "be back later"
BBS -- "be back soon", or "bulletin board system/service"
BC, b/c -- "because"
bf -- "boyfriend"
BFD -- "big fucking deal"
BFN -- "bye for now"
BRB -- "be right back"
BTW -- "by the way"
BW -- "bandwidth"
b/t -- "between"

CID -- "consider it done"
cu -- "see you"
CSL -- "can't stop laughing"
CWOT -- "complete waste of time"
cya -- "see you"
CYS -- "check your settings"
C&V -- "chapter & verse"
C|N>K -- "coffee through nose into keyboard"
DC'd -- "disconnected"
DGT -- "don't go there"
DL, d/l -- "download"
DMY -- "don't mess yourself"
DON -- "Denial-of-Normal"
DoS -- "Denial-of-Service"
dun -- "don't"
dunno -- "(I) don't know"
EG -- "evil grin"
EIL -- "explode into laughter"
EOM -- "end of message"
EQ -- "Everquest"

FAQ -- "Frequently Asked Question"
FE -- "fatal error"
FFS -- "for fuck's sake!"
FP -- "first post"
FUD -- "fear, uncertainty and doubt"
frag -- To kill or tear to pieces. Its origin comes from fragmentation.
FO -- "fuck off!"
FOAD -- "fuck off and die!"
FOAF -- "friend of a friend"
FTF/F2F -- "face to face"
FTP -- "File Transfer Protocol"
FTTB -- "for the time being"
FU -- "fuck you"
FWIW -- "For what it's worth"
FXP -- "File eXchange Protocol"
FYI -- "for your information"

G --- "grin", normally written *G* or to separate it from the surrounding text
G2G, GTG --- "got to go", also "good to go"
G4Y, GFY --- "good for you", or "go fuck yourself"
GAGF --- "go and get fucked"
GAL --- "get a life"
gf --- "girl friend"
GG --- "good going" or "good game"
GL --- "good luck"
GMTA --- "great minds think alike"
GJ --- "good job"
Gr8 --- "great"
GTH --- "go to hell"
GW --- "good work"

H8 --- "hate", or 'H1' to 'H9' to indicate how much a person hates something.
HAND --- "have a nice day"
HB --- "hurry back"
HF --- "have fun"
H/O --- "hold on"
HTH --- "hope this (or that) helps"

IANAL --- "I am not a lawyer"
IANARS --- "I am not a rocket scientist"
IC --- "I see"
ICYDK / ICYDN / ICUDK -- "in case you didn't know"
IDK --- "I don't know"
ID10T --- "idiot"
IIRC --- "if I recall correctly"
IIUC --- "if I understand correctly"
IM --- "instant message"
IMO --- "in my opinion"
IMHO --- "in my humble opinion", or "in my honest opinion"
IMNSHO --- "in my not so humble opinion"
INMP --- "it's not my problem"
INTPFPOTM --- "I nominate this post for post of the month"
IOH --- "I'm outta here"
IOW --- "in other words"
IRC --- "Internet Relay Chat"
IRL - "in real life"
IRT --- "in reply to"
ISTR --- "I seem to recall"
IYDMMA --- "if you don't mind me asking"

JJ --- "just joking"
JK, J/K --- "just kidding"
JOOC --- "just out of curiosity"

K --- "OK"
KISS --- "keep it simple stupid"

L8 --- "late"
L8R --- "later"; as in "see you later"
LD --- "link dead"
LEET, L33T, 1337, 31337 --- "elite"
LIGAS --- "like I give a shit"
LMAO --- "laughing my ass off"
LOL --- "laughing out loud", or "lots of laughs"
LTNS --- "long time no see"

m8 --- "mate"; as in "buddy" or "pal"
MOTD --- "Message of the Day"
MYOB --- "mind your own business"

N/A --- "not applicable"
NBD --- "no big deal"
NI --- "no idea"
NM or N/M --- "never mind" or "not much"
NOYB --- "none of your business"
NP --- "no problem"
NSFW --- "not safe for work"
NT --- "no text" or "nice try"
NVM --- "never mind"

oic --- "oh, I see"
OMG --- Exclamation, "oh my God!"
OMFG --- Exclamation, "oh my fucking God!"
OMFL --- Exclamation, "oh my fucking lag!"
OOC --- "out-of-character"
OP --- Original Poster
OT --- "off topic"
OTOH --- "on the other hand"

P2P --- "Peer-to(2)-Peer" or "pay-to-play"
PEBKAC --- "Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair"
PFO --- "please fuck off"
PITA --- "pain in the ass"
PICNIC --- "Problem In Chair, Not In Computer"
pls, plz --- "please"
PO, PO'd --- "piss off", or "pissed off"
POS --- "parents over shoulder" or "piece of shit".
POV --- "point of view"

R --- "are"
RD --- "Red Dwarf"
R8 --- "right"
RL --- "real life"
ROFL, ROTFL --- "rolling on the floor laughing"
ROFLMAO, ROTFLMAO --- "rolling on the floor laughing my ass off"
RTFA --- "read the fucking article"
RTFM --- "read the fucking manual" or "read the fine manual"
RTFP --- "read the fucking post"
RU --- "are you"

S --- "smile"
SCNR --- "sorry, could not resist."
SH --- "shit happens"
SO --- "significant other"
SFW --- "safe for work"
Smeg --- Meaning the same as "fuck" or "bugger"
STFU --- "shut the fuck up"

TBH --- "to be honest"
TIA --- "thanks in advance"
TMAI --- "tell me about it"
TMI --- "too much information"
TPTB --- "the powers that be"
TTFN --- "ta ta for now"
TTYL --- "talk to you later"
TTYS --- "talk to you soon"
TY -- "thank you"

u --- "you"
ur --- "you're" or "your"
UL, u/l --- "upload"
VFM --- "value for money"
VWEG --- "very wicked evil grin"

w8 --- "wait"
WAI --- "what an idiot"
WB --- "welcome back"
WDUWTA --- "what do u wanna talk about?"
WEG --- "wicked evil grin"
WG --- "wicked grin"
WTF --- "what the fuck?"; Also "who the fuck?", "why the fuck?"
WTG --- "way to go!"
WTH --- "what the heck?", or "what the hell?"
wut --- "what"
w/ --- "with"
w/e --- "whatever"
w/o --- "without"
WYSIWYG --- "What you see is what you get"

YHBT --- "you have been trolled"
YHL --- "you have lost"
YMMV --- "your mileage may vary"
YNK --- "you never know"
YW --- "you're welcome"

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7 Comment:

agam said...

Makasih banyak mas, aku dulu mau beli bukunya, tapi koq mahal ya, tapi karena udah dikasih tau mas budhie, ya sudahlah gak jadi beli. Makasih ya.

Giel said...

Mas Budhi! gimana gil ngapalinnya ya??? uakeh tenane! hehehehe
tapi asik banget.. minimal gil kalo chat gak bego-bego banget deh... hehehe
Thanks Mas!

nduti *ran said...

Oke Mas...

CUL8ER = C U Later


bebex said...

SLL koq ga ada om?
brati kurang lengkap neh

tjahaju said...

byuh byuh... huakaka.. postingannya informatif sekali ^_^

zeezee said...

hey, buddhie, hows life? juz to drop by n say hi. cute post!

Anonymous said...

belajar banyak