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Jun 30, 2007

Yahoo! Messenger Emoticontest: Expressions to Emoticons

Yahoo! Messenger is celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Emoticon, invented by Professor Scott Fahlman, by letting you suggest an expression or feeling that you always wish was an emoticon by participating in the Yahoo! Messenger Emoticontest.

Put on your best face and upload a photo of your favorite expression. Tell your friends to cast their votes and get you into the finals. The winner of the Yahoo! Emoticontest will get their mug made into an emoticon and added to this year’s new Yahoo! Messenger!

Your suggestion needs to be a unique and new idea. Here is a full list of existing emoticons (that you cannot copy). Did you know there were some hidden emoticons and smileys in Yahoo! Messenger too!

Can you think of an emoticon-worthy expression? Then submit it to the emoticon contest and it might just be included in the new version of your favorite IM Yahoo! Messenger someday. People have already submitted many expressions to the contest. Add yours.

Jun 29, 2007

Hairy Harry Potter worm targets USB memory drives

Hackers exploit Potter-mania around the globe as they claim teenage wizard is dead

With just weeks remaining until the release of the last ever Harry Potter novel, and the imminent premiere of the fifth movie in the franchise, Sophos has warned of a new computer worm exploiting Potter-mania around the world.

The W32/Hairy-A worm spreads by copying itself onto USB memory sticks, posing as a copy of the eagerly-anticipated novel "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows".

Windows users who allow affected flash drives to 'autorun' are automatically infected by the worm when it is attached to their PC. A file called


can be found in the root directory of infected USB drives. Inside the Word document file is the simple phrase "Harry Potter is dead."


Don't download Microsoft Security Bulletin MS07-0065!

Malicious spam posing as fake vulnerability patch leads to Trojan horse infection

Experts at Sophos, a world leader in IT security and control, have warned of a widespread attempt to infect email users by sending them a warning about a bogus Microsoft security patch.

The emails, which have the subject line "Microsoft Security Bulletin MS07-0065" pretend to come from Microsoft, and claim that a zero-day vulnerability has been discovered in the Microsoft Outlook email program. They go on to warn recipients that "more than 100,000 machines" have been exploited via the vulnerability in order to promote medications such as Viagra and Cialis.

Users are encouraged by the email to download a patch which, it is claimed, will fix the problem and prevent them from becoming attacked by hackers.

However, clicking on the link contained inside the email does not take computer users to Microsoft's website but one of many compromised websites hosting a Trojan horse. Sophos proactively detects the Trojan, without requiring an update, using Behavioral Genotype® Protection as Mal/Behav-112.

The emails claim to come from Microsoft.
"Security bulletins from Microsoft describing vulnerabilities in their software are a common occurence, and so its not a surprise to see hackers adopting this kind of disguise in their attempt to infect Windows PCs," said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant for Sophos. "The irony is that as awareness of computer security issues has risen, and the need for patching against vulnerabilities, so social engineering tricks which pose as critical software fixes are likely to succeed in conning the public."

In examples seen by Sophos experts, the emails have contained the recipient's full name, and the company they work for, in an attempt to lull user's into a false sense of security.

"By using people's real names, the Microsoft logo, and legitimate-sounding wording, the hackers are attempting to fool more people into stepping blindly into their bear-trap," continued Cluley. "Users need to be on their guard against this kind of confidence trick or they risk handing over control of their PC to hackers with criminal intentions. They should also ensure that they are downloading Microsoft security updates from Microsoft itself, not from any other website."

Jun 25, 2007

Suspected mobile phone virus author arrested

28-year-old apprehended in Valencia, Spain

Experts at Sophos, a world leader in IT security and control, have welcomed news that Spanish authorities have arrested a man suspected of writing and distributing a mobile phone virus.

According to a statement issued by Spanish police, a 28-year-old man was arrested in Valencia following a seven month investigation. The man is accused of creating and spreading over 20 different variants of the Cabir and Commwarrior worms, which attempt to infect mobile phones running the Symbian operating system. Embedded inside the worms alleged to have been written by the man are references to "Leslie", which is said to be the name of the suspect's fiancee.

Spanish police claim that as many as 115,000 mobile phones may have been struck by the malware.

"Cellphone viruses are not as common as the malware which strikes Windows desktops on a regular basis, but it is just as illegal in its intent. Viruses are not harmless pranks; they cause real harm disrupting business and personal communications as well as destroying and stealing sensitive data," said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant for Sophos. "The computer crime authorities around the globe are becoming more experienced at tracking down hackers and virus writers, and malware authors should be asking themselves whether it's really worth taking the risk."

In a Sophos survey conducted earlier this year, 81 percent of business IT administrators expressed concern that malware and spyware targeting mobile devices will become a significant threat in the future. However, 64 percent also said they currently have no solution in place to secure company smartphones and PDAs.

Jun 23, 2007

Qooforum new release

After read john chow site that he is have 15000 member network at, i'm find new service forum that call Qoo Forum.

This forum have new service call "Ad Revenue Sharing System"


Q: Why should I register?
A: In order to fully utilize the abilities of this forum, the administrator will probably require that you register as a member. Registration is free, and allows you to do the following:

* Post new threads
* Reply to other peoples' threads
* Edit your posts
* Receive email notification of replies to posts and threads you specify
* Send private messages to other members
* Enter events in the forum calendar
* Set up a 'buddy-list' to quickly see which of your friends are currently online

To register, you will need to specify a username and password, and a valid email address. Entering your email address will not leave you open to 'spam', as you can choose to hide your email address, and messages sent to you via email do not reveal your address to the sender in any case. (To verify this, you can try sending an email message to another user.) The administrator may have configured the forum to send you the final part of the registration process by email, so ensure that the email address you provide is valid and working.

If you are under the age of 13, the administrator may require that a parent or guardian provides consent before allowing you to complete the registration process. More information about this is available during the registration process.

Read more about user maintenance FAQ here

Q: What are referrals?
A: The administrator may have enabled referrals, which allows you to be credited for any new users you invite to the forum.

You gain referrals by promoting QooForum using your unique referral link. The link you should use as your referral link is this:

Each time someone follows this link to QooForum and registers as a new member, your referral count will be incremented by one. The number of referrals you have can be viewed in your profile.

Your administrator will have more information on any prizes or rewards that may be given out for referrals. Please be courteous when promoting QooForum by not spamming other web sites with your referral link just to gain referrals.

Q: What is "Ad Revenue Sharing System"?
A: It is a system that shares advertisement revenue made by this forum to it's active
members, i.e. you.

Q: What are the requirements to participate?
A: * you must be a registered user and contributed a minimum 50 posts to the forum. Once you have reached that level, your ad code will be applied to all the threads started by you.
* you must have an AdSense Publisher ID, i.e. pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. If you do not have an account, you can Sign up for AdSense.
* you must not violate Google AdSense TOS in this forum and any other site with your ad code.

Q: How much can I earn?
A: It depends on your level of participation to the forum. Currently, you are entitled to 50% chance of showing your ad code within the threads that are started by you. Therefore, the more threads you start, the more you will earn.

Q: How do I set it up?
A: Join this forum to find your answer

Sign up Forum

Jun 20, 2007

Windows Live Mail Beta

Ever use Outlook Express? Windows Live Mail Beta offers similar features, plus some great new ones—like free access to Windows Live Hotmail and integration with other Windows Live services.

* Access multiple e-mail accounts in one place
* Drag, drop, and organize with one click
* Compose and manage e-mail even while you're offline—when you next connect to the Internet, Windows Live Mail will automatically send and receive messages for you

* Integrated Windows Live services let you launch Messenger right from Mail, and go to Windows Live Spaces with a single click
* Photo E-mail lets you create and send slide shows to friends and family
* All-new, cleaner, easier-to-use interface supports Aero on Vista
* RSS feeds and newsgroup messages are displayed next to your e-mail, and you can search them from within Windows Live Mail

Safer than ever
* Get powerful virus scanning on all of your Hotmail messages
* Enjoy increased protection from phishing scams, across all your e-mail accounts
* Block suspicious messages—and senders, too
* Destroy junk e-mail with a single click
* Color-coded messages help you quickly identify suspicious and safe e-mail

Read FAQ here
System Requirements

Jun 6, 2007

Vulnerabilities strike more AV firms & Mac

F-Secure and Authentium patch holes, while Samba flaws worry Apple users.

Users of Mac OS X, used to a cosy sense of security, have been warned of possible penetration vectors thanks to a slew of flaws unveiled in the Samba networking system used to connect Macs to Windows systems.

An alert issued by Symantec's DeepSight threat team warned Mac users that even if their systems report being fully patched, fixes for the latest batch of vulnerabilities in Samba, reported in early May, are unlikely to be in place, as Apple has apparently not released updates to the system since 2005. While a default installation of Mac OS X includes Samba version 3.0.10, version 3.0.25 is needed to be safe from the latest flaws.

Details of the Samba buffer-overflow issues are here, and patches can be downloaded here.

F-Secure meanwhile joins a growing roster of AV firms rocked by security flaws in their products in recent months, with four separate vulnerabilities in their products reported in the last few days. The most serious is a buffer overflow while scanning LHA archives, which can result in remote system access - a summary from F-Secure is here, and details from
Secunia are here.


Agloco Viewbar Akhirnya Muncul

Setelah sekian lama menanti kehadiran Agloco Viewbar , akhirnya kemaren sore aku dapet kiriman email dari Agloco yang menyatakan bahwa ID ku sudah bisa didownload, wah senangnya udah mulai bisa browsing dan membuktikan bahwa kita surfing dibayar oleh Agloco.

Screenshoot:Tampilan Viewbar bisa dirubah warnanya sesuai dengan keinginan kita , ada 4 warna blue,green,purple dan red sedangkan untuk docking bisa tampilan di TOP desktop atau Bottom Desktop. Versi bahasa yang tersedia saat ini bahasa Inggris dan China. Viewbar yang tersedia dari Agloco saat ini versi Win32.1.00

Setelah kita login di kotak isian waktu startup dengan ID dan password kita maka viewbar akan muncul di layar dekstop kita dan di sebelah kanan taskbar ada muncul green cicle yang menandakan viewbar kita mulai aktif.
kita sudah bisa memulai browsing internet , chatting , akses email dan semuanya akan terekam di account kita. jadi ga sabar neh ... kira-kira bisa dapet berapa yah jika sehari dari kantor jam 8 pagi sampe sore jam 6 ? ...Agloco... I love your ways :)

Jun 2, 2007

Makassar, Kota Cyber Pertama RI

TAHUN depan, Kota Makassar menjadi cyber city. Secara bertahap, seluruh wilayah kota akan menjadi area akses internet nirkabel.
Begitu pula pelayanan pemerintah akan dilakukan seluruhnya secara online. Makassar bersiap masuk dalam era dominasi teknologi informasi.
"Mudah-mudahan rencana Makassar Cyber City sudah dapat dilaksanakan tahun 2008 mendatang. Kami mengharapkan dukungan berbagai pihak," ujar Wali Kota Makassar, Ilham Arief Sirajuddin, dalam konferensi pers peresmian Losari Cyber Beach di Hotel Quality, Makassar, Minggu (27/5).

Beberapa provider (penyedia layanan internet) telah menyatakan komitmen untuk mendukung rencana kota internet itu.
Makassar Cyber City adalah menjadikan seluruh wilayah Kota Makassar sebagai area cakupan sinyal internet nirkabel. Istilahnya metropolitan area network (MAN).
Baru-baru ini PT Telkom meluncurkan program Losari Cyber Beach, yaitu hotspot atau area untuk mengakses internet nirkabel di Pantai Losari.
Dengan cakupan sinyal sepanjang 1,2 kilometer, Pantai Losari menjadi area hotspot terbuka pertama dan terpanjang di Indonesia.

Tahun ini, PT Telkom menargetkan pemasangan 300 access point (titik akses internet) di beberapa wilayah di Kota Makassar.
Bersama provider lain, saat ini telah terbangun puluhan hotspot di hotel-hotel berbintang, mal, kampus, dan beberapa instansi swasta.
Yang paling hangat saat ini, para provider sedang bersaing ketat mendapatkan izin pemerintah untuk mengoperasikan teknologi Wi-Max (worldwide interoperability for microwave access). Teknologi ini jauh lebih canggih dari Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity) yang digunakan untuk umumnya hotspot di Indonesia.
"Negara-negara maju telah menggunakan Wi-Max untuk akses internet nirkabel. Kini para provider sedang berebut lisensi untuk itu. Suatu saat nanti, Telkom akan menghadirkannya di Makassar," ujar Executive General Manager PT Telkom Divisi Regional VII, Pahala P Hariandja.
Jika akses internet dengan teknologi Wi-Fi hanya memiliki jangkauan sejauh 100-150 meter dari acces point (pemancar sinyal internet), dengan teknologi Wi-Max nantinya jangkauan akses bisa mencapai 50 kilometer.
Sinyal internet akan dipancarkan melalui sebuah menara semacam BTS untuk ponsel.
Saat teknologi itu hadir, hotspot bukan lagi wilayah-wlayah kecil. Seluruh Kota Makassar akan menjadi area hotspot.
Pengguna laptop, windows mobile, atau smart phone dapat berinternet dari mobil yang melaju di jalan raya, rumah, kantor, kafe, bahkan di tengah sawah di pinggiran Makassar.
Kecepatan transfer data dengan Wi-Max terhitung super cepat. Bila dengan Wi-Fi saja bisa mencapai 11 megabyte per detik, dengan Wi- Max kecepatan transfer bisa mencapai 75 megabyte per detik. Sekitar 1.000-an orang juga dapat mengakses internet dalam satu waktu sekaligus.
Mengenai pelayanan online sudah jamak dilakukan di negara maju. Untuk membuat KTP misalnya, warga cukup mengakses situs kantor kependudukan.
Setelah melakukan verifikasi data, kantor kependudukan memungut biaya dari rekening pemohon melalui perbankan online. KTP pun keluar.
Begitu juga dengan pelayanan peizinan, retribusi, pajak, telepon, listrik, dan sebagainya.
Nantinya, warga dapat membayar tagihan-tagihan cukup melalui internet tanpa harus bertatap muka dengan petugas dan antre panjang di loket pembayaran.
"Memang tidak mudah untuk menyediakan layanan online seperti itu. Butuh dukungan biaya. Untuk pengadaan perangkat lunak (software) dan perangkat keras (hardware) sistem informasi administrasi kependudukan (SIAK) saja, kita menganggarkan sekitar Rp 4 miliar," kata Ilham.
Pelayanan online di Makassar memang baru dapat terlaksana melalui SIAK.
Ini merupakan prestasi yang lumayan. Sebab Kota Makassar adalah satu dari segelintir kota di Indonesia yang telah mengoperasikan sistem online dalam urusan pembuatan KTP.

aktivasi internet nirkabel losari
* Aktifkan fasilitas Wi-Fi dengan mengubah posisi Wi-Fi ke posisi on
* Klik kanan di atas icon wireless network connection (menu task bar) lalu pilih view available wireless network
* Setelah muncul wireless network connection tekan refresh network list
* Akan muncul daftar SSID (access point), pilih Telkom Hotspot Losari lalu tekan connect
* Setelah SSID yang dipilih muncul connected, tutuplah dialog box
* Buka internet browser lalu ketik
* Akan muncul login page. Masukan user name dan password (untuk masa gratis sampai 30 Juni 2007, Anda dapat menggunakan user name "makassar" dan password "ultah400").
* Pilih menu start, -> setting, -> tab connection, -> wireless LAN
* Pilih menu atau icon network cards
* Akan muncul daftar SSID (access point). Pilih dan tekan agak lama salah satu SSID Telkom Hotspot Losari lalu pilih option connect
* Tunggu sampai di SSID yang dipilih muncul connected, lalu tutup dialog box
* Buka internet browser lalu ketik
* Akan muncul login page. Masukan user name dan password (untuk masa gratis sampai 30 Juni 2007, Anda dapat menggunakan user name "makassar" dan password "ultah400").
* Pilih tools -> control panel -> connection -> wireless internet
* Akan muncul daftar SSID (access point). Pilih salah satu SSID Telkom Hotspot Losari
* Tekan tombol create access point dan pilih done
* Tekan tombol "web" -> GOTO (tombol kanan atas)
- Ketik
- Akan muncul daftar SSID. Pilih nama SSID yang telah di-create tadi
- Akan muncul login page. Masukan user name dan password (untuk masa gratis sampai 30 Juni 2007, Anda dapat menggunakan user name "makassar" dan password "ultah400").