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Mar 21, 2008

IE 8 coming

After taking 6 years to move from version 6 to version 7, the IE team has offered the first IE8 beta barely 18 months after IE7's release.

The most important stuff includes:
- Fixes to long-standing rendering bugs, including most notably the double margin bug and skittish CSS floats
- Support for generated content
- Support for more pseudo class (i.e. :after, :before and :focus) and support for the outline property
- Much improved development tools, including a built-in, souped-up version of the IE Developer Toolbar that rivals Firebug's feature set
- A much more standardized Document Object Model (DOM), which means you won't need to write IE-specific JavaScript to make IE8 sing and dance
- The introduction of CSS table-layout support allowing you to take some of the more robust layout qualities of tables (i.e. self-equalizing columns) and apply them directly to clean, sensible markup.
For sample installation and screenshoot you can view here

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Mar 20, 2008

Flash File is not loading in IE, works fine in Firefox

How to make flash file (.swf) load perfectly on IE ?

Sometimes i created flash file on my site , but after build it and test with other browser ( my default browser is Firefox, i found my flash not work.

What happen ??? I checked on google and after spending much time, I found the problem.

This is my script work fine in Firefox like this :

IE uses param movie tag to download swf file and Firefox uses embed src tag to download swf. Now you realized why IE is not displaying flash object.

Correct code would be :

Comment it or i never know maybe anyway the best trik .