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Jul 19, 2007

How Good Are You at Recognizing Fake Websites and Spam Emails ?

Can you tell a fake (phishing) web site from a real one ? Or can you recognize spam emails that request you to verify your eBay or Paypal account credentials.

McAfee has created a very simple quiz with screenshots of websites and emails for you to spot the fake ones from the real site. Do take this 10 question quiz and the results may actually surprise you even when you are a pro-geek - it looks deceptively easy but that's not the reality.

My result only 3 question that i wrong, how about you ? simple test and helpfull for me.

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1 Comment:

Ros Marya Yasintha said...

ak juga salah 3 nih.. no 3,4 dan 5
he..he..kuis yang bagus..informatif...