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Jul 26, 2007

McAfee set to launch Rootkit Detective application

Security software maker McAfee has announced that they would soon launch a new software product named Rootkit Detective.

This new product has been designed to detect and remove dangerous rootkit attacks. The company claims that this application would help end-users ward off the threats. It would also be used to provide the company information relevant information to company’s ongoing research operations.

This application would complement their existing offering SiteAdvisor which warns the users about potentially unsafe websites on the web. McAfee said that Rootkit Detective will be offered at no charge from its Web site via download.

Rootkit Detective has been designed to find hidden kernel processes and registry entries. They would be removed when the system is restarted the next time.

It would also be able to test the integrity of a PC’s kernel memory and track any modifications that might also highlight rootkit activity. They have already provided a beta version of the application which is being tested by thousands of users worldwide.

Joe Telafici, vice president of operations at McAfee Avert Labs added in a statement on this new product: “Dealing with rootkits will always be an arms race; the whole process is a game of challenge-and-response between the hackers and security community, and as the authors have advanced the complexity of their attacks, we need to continually update our own technologies to keep up. We started putting rootkit detectors into our products in 2006, and this is the next stage in advancing our detection technologies.”

Checkout: McAfee Rootkit Detective

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