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Feb 23, 2008

Backup your Blog

blogger backup restoration

Unlike WordPress, there’s no export feature in Blogger that can help you download or backup your blog entries and comments left by readers.

There are however some third-party options and the best among them all is Blogger Backup. This Windows utility that saves your entire Blogger posts to the disk and can easily restore them in case you accidentally delete your blog or some of the posts.

restore blogger blogYou login with your Blogger / Google account and select one of the blogs that you want to archive locally. You can either save all your blog posts to one file or let the software create new file per blog entry. It can also backup reader comments.If you ever want to recover blog posts that are in the local backup folder but deleted from the actual blog, just hit the "Restore Posts" button, select the entries and they’ll be back online in almost no time.

Blogger Backup follows the incremental backup style so if you run the software again after a week, only blog posts and comments published during this seven day period will be downloaded locally, not the entire blog.

Get Blogger Backup at

Though we covered Blogger Backup some time back , that version did not play very well with the new Blogger but this new release fixes all the previous problems and is extremely fast. Highly recommended.


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7 Comment:

Anonymous said...

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Jonas said...

There is a blog backup service at

Rosyidi said...

Wah hebat, ternyata ada software buat backup blogger :)
Thanks infonya.
Moga2 aja suatu saat blogger sudah ada menu backupnya.

aroengbinang said...

what I did was to create a mirror at wordpress, which is probably not that smart, since some of the postings were written for blogger environment.

Greg said...

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Greg said...

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Anonymous said...

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