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Feb 15, 2008

Download Resetter Printer dan Adjustment Program

Resetter Printer and Adjustment Program Download links

SSC Service Utility for Epson
Stylus 800/1000 (115k)
Stylus C20/C40 for Win95 (425k)
Stylus C20/C40 for Win98 (430k)
Stylus C42/C41 for Win98 (470k)
Stylus C41/C42/C43/C44 LPT USB for Win98/2k/XP (470k)
Stylus C41-C46 for Win98/ME/XP (528k)
Stylus C60 for Win98 (508k)
Stylus C61/62 for Win98/ME (640k)
Stylus C63/C64 for Win98/ME/XP/2k (633k)
Stylus C63-66 (550k)
Stylus C67 (version I 1.38 Mb)
More Links after jump
Stylus C67 (Option II-920k)
Stylus C70/C80 for Win98 (528k)
Stylus C82 for Win98/XP (7.4 Mb)
Stylus C83-86 for Win98/XP (580k)
Stylus C87-88 (760k)
Stylus C480 (2.15 Mbb)
Stylus C580 (450k)
Stylus C660 (1.72 M)
Stylus C670 (2.17 Mb)
Stylus C680/777 (450k) and other Links (8k)
Stylus C880/888 (389k)
Stylus CX3500-4600 (538k)
Stylus CX3700-3850 (470k)
Stylus CX3900 (1.45 Mb)
Stylus CX4100-4850 (490k)
Stylus CX4900 (1.75 Mb)
Stylus CX5100-5400 (615k)
Stylus CX6300-6600 for Win98/XP (630k)
Stylus Photo700/EX (59k)
Stylus Photo780/790 (403k)
Stylus Photo785/825/895/915 for Win98/XP (415k)
Stylus Photo820/830 for Win98/XP (430k)
Stylus Photo870/1270 for Win98 (2.17 Mb)
Stylus Photo890/1280 for Win98 (560k)
Stylus Photo890/1280/1290 for Win98/XP (760k)
Stylus Photo925 for Win98/XP (620k)
Stylus Photo950/960 for Win98/XP (430k)
Stylus Pro 9600 (2.24 Mb)
Stylus Photo R200/210 for Win98/XP (634k)
Stylus Photo R220/230 for Win98/XP (660k)
Stylus Photo R300/310/320 for Win98/XP (636k)
Stylus Photo R340/350 for Win98/XP (825k)
Stylus Photo R800 for Win98/XP (830k)
Stylus Photo R1800 (360k)
Stylus Photo RX420/425/430 for Win98/XP (460k)
Stylus Photo RX500/510 for Win98/XP (660k)
Stylus Photo RX600 for Win98/XP (625k)
Stylus Photo RX640 (690k)
Stylus Photo RX700 for Win98/XP (4.6Mb)
IP 1200 1600
IP 1500
IP1200 1600 2200
IP 1300 1700

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Note : Over the effects of this program on your printer (s) are responsible only to yourself. The program is provided on an "AS IS" and use it at your own risk.

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tanto roni said...

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