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May 24, 2006

Windows XP recovery

General Windows XP Repair

How to Perform an In-Place Upgrade (Reinstallation) of Windows XP
This is a common method for repairing a pretty toasted system. It reinstalls the operating system but leaves all your software settings pretty much intact. It is a lot faster then re-installing the operating system and all your software. Make sure you read the link on how this can cause a loss of data and program settings!

Computer Stops Responding with a Black Screen When You Start Windows
This could mean you have a significant hardware problem. This will help you determine which direction to go.

Cannot Start Windows 2000 After You Install Windows 98 or Windows 98 Second Edition
You were not supposed to do things in that order, but hopefully there is an easy recovery from the situation.

Windows XP Does Not Start on a Computer That Is Configured for Dual Booting
Similar to the preceding article.

HOW TO: Use the Driver Roll Back Feature to Restore a Previous Version of a Device Driver in Windows XP
Have you installed a video driver or some other driver that drives your system bezerk?

How to Move a Windows XP Installation to Different Hardware
Have a new motherboard that you would like to use your existing system on? Before you make the change read this article. If you made the change and your system no longer works, read this article.

How to Disable a Service or Device that Prevents Windows from Starting
Self explanatory

A Description of the Safe Mode Boot Options in Windows XP

When to Reinstall Windows XP Service Pack 1
This is a common question. With NT service packs had to be reinstalled just about any time you did anything to the system. Is this the case with XP?

Description of the Windows System File Checker Tool
As System File Checker (SFC) is easy to forget you have as a tool, this article gives a good summary of when and how to use it.

How to Troubleshoot Hardware and Software Driver Problems in Windows XP
I think the title says it all

SYSTEM RESTORE: HOW TO: Restore the Operating System to a Previous State in Windows XP
Basic general info on how to use System Restore in Windows XP

Registry Repair

Damaged Registry Repair and Recovery in Windows XP
Have you applied SP1 yet?

How to Recover from a Corrupted Registry that Prevents Windows XP from Starting

HOW TO: Back Up, Edit, and Restore the Registry in Windows XP
Basic info, but if you are editing you registry for the first time, read this first!

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