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Jan 11, 2008

Resetter Canon i850/i950/S600/S6300/S450

Canon Canon i850, i950, S600

Start with the printer OFF
1. Hold down RESUME and then hold down POWER
2. release RESUME
3. press RESUME twice, then release POWER
4. Let green light blink until printer is done futzing
Select function with RESUME press POWER to execute:
presses - light color - function

Number of presses - light color - function
0 presses - green - Test print (or exit service mode on i960)
1 press - orange - EEPROM info print (plus grid nozzle diagnostic on i960)
2 presses - green - EEPROM initialize
3 presses - orange - Reset waste ink counter

Canon S6300

1.Power off printer
2.Hold RESUME button then press and hold POWER button.
3.Hold POWER and Relase RESUME
4.Pres RESUME twice then relase both POWER and RESUME buttons
5.When the indicator lights stedy,press RESUME 4 times
6.Press power to set data
7.Print again

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Canon S450

1: Power off printer
2: Hold Resume button then press and hold POWER, the beeper will sound once.
3: Hold POWER and release RESUME
4: Press RESUME twice
5. Release Power button
6: When the indicator lights steady, press RESUME three(3) times. The indicator should be orange.
7: Press Power to set data

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1 Comment:

Anonymous said...

thanks man. gw berhasil mereset printer Canon i850. It's work !!!