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Jan 10, 2008

Resetter Canon Printer (1)

Here i share how to reset your printer if its blinking , use with your own risk

Canon Waste Ink Tank Reset Procedures


(1) Turn off the printer.
(2) Press and hold the RESUME button, then press and hold the POWER button.
(3) Release the RESUME button, Next press and release the RESUME button two(2)
more times in succession. Note: you are still holding the POWER button). The printer's
carriage will "reset" or move momentarily. If the above was properly performed the
printer will enter the "Service Mode".
(4) Press the RESUME button 4 times, this will select the clear waste ink counter
function. The lamp will alternate (change) color with each key press.
a. Service/Factory test printout, including ink sensor check.
b. EEPROM - Info printout.
c. EEPROM - Initialization.
d. Reset the Waste ink counter.
e. Printer model setting. (More selections beyond this point - However it is best leave them unaltered - You have been warned!)

After selecting the desired mode (eg 4), press the POWER button to "set" the change, and return to the top of the function selection menu. Press the POWER button again to restart the

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Canon i320, i255

Waste Ink Counter Reset.

Step 1 : Manual for service mode
1. Unplug power and USB.
2. Open door and hold power button.
3. Connect power.
4. Close door, then release power button.
or Step 1: Manual for service mode
1. Turn off the printer. And disconnect the printer cable.
2. Press and hold the POWER button, turn on the printer.
3. The indicator (L.E.D.) should be green.
4. Press and release the RESUME button , the indicator (L.E.D.) should be orange.
5. Press and release the RESUME button again, the indicator (L.E.D.) should be green.
6. Release both buttons.

step 2 : Software for Permanant

1. Reconnect the printer cable.
2. Open General Tools software and select (USB PORT)
3 .Choose (SET DESTINATION 1) And it should be reset.
Remark "After service mode Pls use software for permanent reset"

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waste ink reset said...

Epson printers have built in software that counts the print that you do & after a specific number of prints it stop working displaying an error message. This message will continue unless you reset the protection counter. You can unlock this problem by downloading resetting software.